ComSy Business app

ComSy Business App is a mobile application for Android that allows you to:

  • Enter your expenses and add your income
  • Capture and attach documents; 
  • Add and edit suppliers, clients, organizations; 
  • View the amount of all income and expenses for the month; 
  • Calculate the value of VAT; 
  • View billing information; 

The application is suitable for business owners managing small, family-owned companies. In their pursuit of achieving excellent financial results in their business, they have a need to know where their money is going at any given moment. The want to know what they spend the most on and where they can save, including the monthly VAT amount. The mobile application will help every business owner quickly and easily navigate through new market situations. The interface is user friendly and easy to work with. Knowledge of complex accounting terms and definitions is not required.

The application is suitable for economic activities performed by both individuals and traders with a register BULSTAT number.