Here are some of the benefits:                   

  • No further action is required to summarize financial statements – royalties, budget statements, reports on the correspondence between accounts and paragraphs, asset records, VAT records, etc. .;
  • Allows you to do preventive and ex-post control on the reports done by the secondary spenders;
  • Each user gets authorized access to the system and can work independently from his work space;
  • The system offers predefined reports / report forms, comparative analyzes, graphics / which can be sent to a mobile device – a smart phone, a tablet;
  • An accountant may process the data of more than one establishment using only one device – one computer, one laptop, etc.;
  • No data server provision or high performance of computer configurations is required – this saves you financial resources.
  • Provides a higher level of data security than previously used local software products;