Municipal assets

The normative changes for the public sector, which entered into force as of 2017, according to a document from the Department of the Ministry of Finance 05 / 30.09.2016d as well as additional instructions of the Ministry of Finance – FO 42 / 30.11.2016d. pay close attention to asset accounting in municipalities. Municipal assets, and in particular capital expenditures, have the largest share in financial terms and are of major societal importance for each municipality. The preparation of monthly reports creates a number of difficulties for the administration, for timely control and consolidation of the information.

On the other hand, this years introduction of the principle of accrual of depreciation charges with DMF 05 / 30.09.2016. further complicates accounting.

We have a solution for you – our software “Municipal assets”

Using the”Municipal assets” software system, you can manage and control the funds invested in fixed assets. The software will help you respond adequately to the increased regulatory requirements, but above all to get complete information and a comprehensive view of the managed sites.

The Municipal Assets system allows you to properly structure all long-term non-financial assets on the territory of the municipality. The system allows you to track of a proper value coverage, major asset repairs, and transfer between all spenders. Depreciation plans will be consistent with changes in the accounting policy of the municipality.

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