Financial management

“BcomS 2001 Cloud” – Cloud based financial system

The system is a single database covering all accounting activities in a single budget enterprise, including Accounting, Revenue (Invoicing), Contracts – Commitments, Materials, Municipal Assets, Infrastructure Objects.


  • automatic accounting – earnings, transfers to bank accounts, contracts;
  • historical back-up, analysis and comparison of cash flows by months and years;
  • issuing electronic invoices automatically sent to the counterparty;
  • an opportunity to predict the financial position over a future period;
  • references to criteria individually set by the client with the possibility of output in Excel or graphically presented with tables and diagrams;
  • accruing contract agreements for the entire duration of the contract;
  • tracks money flow of contract agreements so you can do ef fective financial analysis and control

Using the “BcomS 2001 Cloud” system, you have an adequate and complete view of your finances, which helps you get the right management decision.

“BcomS2001 Cloud – IFRS” – Integrated Cloud Financial Reporting System

in April 2013 ComSy 54 – Vassil Zashev & Partners Ltd started the implementation of the most up-to-date comprehensive Integrated Financial Reporting System “BcomS2001 Cloud – IFRS”, which operates on a cloud-based data base. The software is intended for the financial departments of municipalities and their subsidiaries – directorates, municipal enterprises, cultural and health institutions, schools, kindergartens, helping to summarize municipal reports quickly and easily.

The system integrates reporting data of different types and structures:

»Monthly Cash Performance Reporting Software;

»VAT reports;

»Quarterly budget report – implementation of the plan;



»Summary of trial balances;

»Correlation report between budget accounts and paragraphs;

»Reference for fixed assets;

»Referrals for commitments and others.


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