ComSy SFUK Mobile


„ComSy SFUK Mobile“ is a mobile application for financial management and control, suitable for both private organizations and public enterprises. It provides access to an electronic register of commitment control sheets and expenditure records. The application offers a detailed view of contracts with suppliers and tracks the paid and unpaid invoices associated with them. It provides quick and easy access to the necessary reports and data, allowing users to check the status of specific contracts or invoices from their mobile phones.

Through the „ComSy SFUK Mobile“ mobile application, financial controllers and related personnel can instantly and securely provide their opinions on predefined control questions and enter their justifications on the control sheets. They can attach supporting documents using their phone’s camera, which saves time and resources.

With „ComSy SFUK Mobile“ control sheets for invoices awaiting approval can be automatically generated. Approval of commitments or expenses can be directly performed from the mobile phone.

The application can only function as part of the desktop module BcomS SFUK.

„ComSy SFUK Mobile“ operates on Android in Bulgarian language.