ComSy SuperVisor

ComSy SuperVisor is a mobile application developed for managerial positions who exercise control over their subordinates’ work. The application allows managers to track the movement of financial resources related to specific counterparts within a certain period of time or on a specific date. The mobile development eliminates the constraints of being physically present in front of a computer or at the office, as well as the need to go through numerous reports to summarize the required information. Now, the contracts with suppliers and customers, issued invoices, and payments made can be easily and quickly monitored.

„ComSy SuperVisor“ provides constant access to the entire history and relationships with each supplier.

Through the mobile application, managers can monitor and analyze the annual spending plan and review all submitted and summarized monthly reports.

Working with „ComSy SuperVisor“ provides managers with the necessary information anytime and anywhere they are.

The mobile app operates only in Bulgarian language. Download it now from Google Play.